School Pantry Program logo

School Pantry Program logo

The School Pantry Program of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is still in it’s pilot phase. It will hopefully become an official program by the Fall of 2014 school year.


  1. Holly
    July 17, 2015

    Do you allow other school pantries to use your bus logo? We have recently started a school pantry at my son’s middle school and I’m putting together a flyer to let other families know. This logo is great!

    • Brianna Strawn
      November 24, 2015

      I am so sorry I didn’t see this comment before, somehow it got lost in my feed. 🙁 I actually created that logo while I was working for St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, so you will have to contact them in order to obtain rights to use it. Here is their website: Personnel has changed since my employment there, but maybe contact this person: Director of Marketing: Amy Matthews ( If not, you can always call their main number at (602) 242-3663. I hope that helps and again, so sorry I didn’t see this before!


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